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Where do we go from here? Feedback highly encouraged!

Version numbers are not yet planned, so the following groups are fuzzy on purpose.

Next Steps

  • Check PHP source into SVN! Available here: http://darkcanuck.net/svn/rumbleserver/trunk
  • Implement other ranking algorithms (RR Elo, Glicko-2) for comparison purposes.
  • Add nice sorting to pairing and battle detail views.
  • Add rankings view for PremierLeague, survivalist league (data already summarized, just need to display).
  • Add support for other games, such as TwinDuel?
  • Try to make tables look as nice as ABC's, add proper HTML headers.
  • Create utility to import battle files (and ratings) from other servers.
  • Improve site navigation.
  • Add comparison feature (similar to old server), including comparisons against previous bot versions.
  • Test transaction-based uploads for speed improvement.
  • Calculate estimated APS using Glicko-2 expected scores for missing pairings.

Down the Road

  • Create automatic rebuilding strategy and routines.
  • Update Rumble clients to supply more verification data (especially version, # of bots, # of teams, perhaps codesize?).
  • Create admin interface to purge bad results and flag suspect ones.
  • Everyone can flag bad result
  • Look into using a PHP framework because coding authentication schemes and forms gets really tiring, really quick.
  • Motivate others to join in and submit new features & patches.

Final Destination

  • Achieve world peace through RoboRumble.