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0.2.2: Codesize 1498

  • Revert to 0.2.0
  • Re-apply all the shrinking tricks I had to do for 0.2.1 and 0.3.0
  • Make the gun no longer match across rounds, and start matching the moment it has enough data for an entire bullet-flight
  • Fix a bug in the movement-offset function which has been there since 0.1.0, not sure how much of a difference it'll really make, but at least now "it works like it's meant to".

0.3.0: Codesize 1498 Score: 2103

  • Back to 0.2.0
  • Now surfs all waves in air as follows: For each wave travel in each direction until the wave hits, add respective dangers to each direction, move in the best direction! Creds for inspiration go to Simonton - I took a peek into WeeksOnEnd to try and figure out how he's getting such good MC results, and discovered he surfs all the waves! I didn't think it would be possible in a mini...
    • This turned out to be a bit of a flop. Some time in the future I'll see if I can fit proper, branch at each wave, surfing. Even if it means putting Waylander's gun back in, it might improve the surfing enough to be worth it.

0.2.1: Codesize 1499 Score: 2111

  • No longer segmenting on distance
  • Managed to squeeze another 3 bytes out of the precise prediction
  • Added in a few niceties, like:
    • decreasing bullet power when the enemy has very low energy (less than 4)
    • only dividing the match length by 0.75 instead of 0.5
    • only starting with a match length the size of the number of scans I have this round (taken from the movement data)

0.2.0: Codesize: 1499 Score: 2114

  • 0.1.4 but with the surfing fixed to use both the unsegmented and the segmented buffers, plus some dodgy shrinking techniques

0.1.4: Codesize: 1497

  • Merge in Toorkild's gun, but have to simplify the surfing buffer to less dimensions
    • Accidentally packaged with only the main surfing buffer working, not the unsegmented buffer. Decided to release anyways as research.

0.1.3: Codesize: 1482

  • Segmenting main surfing buffer on absolute acceleration instead of time-since-direction-change

0.1.2: Codesize: 1498

  • Segmenting main surfing buffer on time-since-direction-change

0.1.1: Codesize: 1494 Score: 2059

  • Fixed 1-off bug in the surfing
  • Slightly less attack/retreat angle
  • More dangerous to be close than before

0.1.0: Codesize: 1498 Score: 2014

  • First release!