Corner Movement

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Credits - Corner Movement
Old wiki page: CornerMovement
Original author(s): David Alves, Stelokim, Kawigi

Corner movement: A regular pattern of movement in a corner of the battlefield, often used in melee.

For an example, run DuelistNanoMelee on a 1000x1000 field. It moves back and forth in whichever corner is closest to its initial position on the field.

Corner Movement in Melee

In the early days of Robocode, one of the frustrating things about trying to excel in melee was that the bots that seemed to do the best in battle did stupid little patterns in the corners of the battlefield. This came from the general observation that the bots that lasted to be one of the last standing were the ones that got to the corners the fastest. While this isn't really always true, there are probably fewer bots near you in a corner than in the middle, so the technique works - just go to the nearest corner, keep moving, and kill anything that's trying to take your corner from you. I experienced frustration with this movement when I would watch SandboxLump with his stupidly simple movement kill Coriantumr in so many of my tests. Out of my frustration came Lib, the most complex CornerMovement ever put into a NanoBot (I assume that's still true, it at least was at the time). Traditionally, using CornerMovement will make you specialized as a melee bot, because it tends to work better against the best melee bots than against mediocre ones.

Some bots that use corner movement