Anti-Pattern Matcher Challenge 2K6

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A component of the Movement Challenge 2K6:

The Anti-Pattern Matcher Challenge 2K6 gives you a way to measure your bot's ability to avoid getting hit by a Pattern Matching gun, a gun that is very good against predictable movement patterns.



  • Your bot's score is average amount of life you had at the end of each round. 100 means that the reference bot never hit you. You calculate your score like this: 100 - (reference bot's bullet damage score / 500)
  • You can use RoboResearch to help automate the battles and generate results.
  • Results are posted at Movement Challenge 2K6/Results.
  • Nota bene! In this challenge it is very important that you run 500 round battles. No longer. No shorter. If your movement is the least bit adaptive your scores can be quite different with the amount of time the reference bots have to learn.

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