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Author(s) ahf
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting HOD
Movement Anti-Pattern at distance
Released Days of yore
Current Version 1.0
Code License None

Background Information

Bot Name
What's so special about it?
This nano bot is an amazing test-bed. It's movement gives many advanced bots issues. Many people use it in their standard testbed and many more should. Even though it only uses Head on Targeting, its movement is good enough that it more than makes up for this deficiency.
How competitive is it?
Fairly - it's #44 in the nonrumble and #460 in the general rumble, but its true power is how well it scores against advanced bots.
Where can I get it?
Just click the download link to the right.


How does it move?
Anti-pattern match at distance
How does it fire?
How does it dodge bullets?
Anti-pattern match at distance
How does the melee strategy differ from One-on-one strategy?
What does it save between rounds and matches?
Not sure

Additional Information

Can I use your code?
This bot is open source and has been around for ages.
What's next for your robot?
Beat up on future opponents until they solve my movement riddle.
Does it have any White Whales?
LittleBlackBook, LifeLongObsession, all the top bots who can dodge HOT perfectly.
What other robot(s) is it based on?