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I also discovered Main battle log recently, when I’m reading code ;)

I also find that the robocode source editor is even able to customize font ;) when reading code, recently.

The controls are very useful when debugging, especially when you frequently switch from max speed and normal speed. Accessing Robot logs easily is also very important when debugging.

However, you generally only need to enable the log dialog once, so taking up so much space on screen isn’t very handy.

All controls are now also accessible via menus & keyboard shortcuts, say, press ctrl (command for mac) + 1 for the first robot, ctrl + 2 for the second, etc. It needs some learning but I believe it will be more handy after getting used to it.

The only lack in the battle menu approach is that, scores are no longer easy to see. But scores (on robot buttons) are broken for 2 years without anyone else noticing (at least reporting) so I wonder usage frequency of it.

Xor (talk)08:05, 15 January 2020
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