Java 12 and stelo.Spread

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It seems that stelo.Spread/stelo.PastFuture etc. is compiled with Java version 56 (Java 12), so it cannot run on Java 8 roborumble clients which was a de facto standard.

Shall we upgrade all clients to Java 11 and release new robots with Java 11, or remove all robots compiled with Java 9+?

Anyway Java 12 should never be supported as it's not LTS.

Worth mention that Java 9+ is not fully backward compatible with robots compiled with Java 8, etc. ByteBuffer related functions has ABI changes in JVM, so it breaks.

Xor (talk)07:16, 22 February 2020

I'm happy to go for Java 11.

Skilgannon (talk)21:15, 22 February 2020

I’m too ;) Let’s try it and find incompatible robots.

I think the ABI incompatible in ByteBuffer can be changed from modifying byte code, so we can build a tool to fix broken jars under Java 11 automatically, until the author fixes it officially.

Xor (talk)06:06, 23 February 2020
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