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I joined robocode in early 2006 and for awhile I programmed some robots. I have in several instances taken considerable time off from robocode. Since my last bout of activity I have spent much time in the C/C++ camps along with algorithms.

There are many things that when I go back to work in java that I miss about C and C++. This makes it particularly difficult to get interested again. Packed structures, unsigned types, raw memory manipulation and pointer tricks are just some of these things. But I still visit now and again.


Most my robots usually become a problem bot for someone, usually someone higher in the ranks. I do not plan it that way, but because of it I even made a joke bot about it.

Current Robots

  • Nene - My current best robot. It uses a prototype DC gun and ranks around 6th in the Rumble. It originally used Raiko's ancient gun, showing that movement is the name of the game.
  • Seraphim - A robot that I made in an attempt to race for 2000, it lost. Recent bug fixes has propelled it upward many ranks.
  • Pytko - A brute force pattern matcher on top of Raikos movement.
  • SurroundingTeam - A TwinDuel team of robots whose strategy is that of TwintelligenceTeam. Just a lot smaller.
  • Grudge - Minds its own business until it is hit in melee, then it makes a bee line for the opponents that hit it in order they hit it.
  • ExclusionNano - A nanobot that does simple shrapnel dodging, with averaged linear firing.
  • Wren - A melee bot that uses HawkOnFire inspired minimum risk movement and DustBunny's gun.

Retired Bots

  • Velshea - Amoung my first wave-surfers, never ranked too highly.
  • Tyrra - My first surfer that used the pluggable system.
  • Beowulf - Retired shortly after release, my first surfer to surf multiple waves. Simplistic targeting.
  • Genesis - A robot that uses anti-pattern matcher 'surfer-like' movement, and a combination of a VCS/GF gun in 1 on 1 and best angle crowd targeting in melee (selects the best fire angle based on enemy angles to it). Retired due to its poor performance.
  • MirrorMaster - The first bot I ever entered into the rumble. Used a simple mirror movement and a simple gf gun.
  • AiayJabitW - The first bot I ever made, entered for a short time in the rumble, was a anti-gravity movement based off DustBunny.
  • AiayHaiku - The haiku version of AiayJabitW, very short lifespan aswell.
  • PringerX - A robot that uses a folded symbolic pattern matcher, and WeekendObsessions movement.
  • ProblemBot - A robot that is based off PringerX but only fires on a certain special list of enemy robots. It otherwise switches to a very simple movement that allows it to get hit very easily and a reverse aim gun that only fires 3 shots.
  • Prototype - A robot that uses at this point a Neural Network gun and Seraphim's movement.
  • EvilDrone - A nanobot and a curiosity at best, from the short period of time where bots could statically modify internal Robocode classes. Might be worthy to mention it was unbeatable (by any robot).

Planned Robots

  • A good melee bot eventually.
  • I have in development a Skunkworks Project, it will be a long time before it is released, if at all.

Wiki Robots

  • InevitableTeam - A TwinDuel team I created from highly modified RaikoMicro. Not doing to well.
  • BurningStick - HawkOnFire's movement, Sprouts gun.
  • Wolverine - A modified version of gg.Wolverine, to keep it from skipping turns due to getXX calls.

Unreleased Robots

These are bots which I had in planning or development, but I never really announced or put considerable effort into.

  • LapisLazuli - A TwinDuel team that used a melee folded pattern matcher and minimal risk movement, I never got the pattern matcher to work.
  • Caffeine - A robot that used a buggy DC surfing and and a simple GF gun. To terrible to release. Was going to use a single-tick PM.
  • Gravitron - A old bot that uses anti-gravity movement, it didn't do to well, even in melee.
  • Blackjack - Several versions of this went by, but they all we're terrible. Used a buggy DC gun and buggy VCS movement.
  • Succubus - Old Seraphims DC counterpart which was never finished. Its initial scoring looked good at the time.

Other Stuff

I have put considerable work into strange projects that never get finished, such as Neural Network guns and k-type clustering (which was pointless).


This is a project me and Fnl talked about for some times, I decided to actually start it. Its basically robocode in 3-dimensions, which adds a great deal more complexity to targeting and movement patterns. It also would allow all the hard core veterans of robocode to cut their teeth on something new. Now on GitHub.

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