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       Archive        This page is archived. Do not add yourself to the list. It was an important part of Robocode history, and should be preserved as-is.

In any case, the current RoboRumble server doesn't support Elo ratings, rendering the whole "2000 rating" goal moot.

The 2000 sub-clubs:
The 2000 ClubMini - Micro - Nano

The 2000 Club Nano is a list of bot authors who have created a nanobot with a RoboRumble rating of over 2000 Elo, with at least 1000 battles fought, from 2004 to 2010, in the nano 1v1 category.

# Author Flag Robot Date of admission Proof
1 Miked0801 (mld) USA.gif LittleBlackBook 1.69c Feb 15, 2010 archives
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